Kleiner Donner x
Das Wetter Umbrella

When it rains it pours...

...and it sadly did. Way too much.
Due to the catastrophic floods in western parts of Germany, all profits will be donated to @germanredcross.

Ships in 4-5 weeks • 50,00 €

Product Details

Transparent umbrella with black design elements.

Diameter: 105 cm. Lenght: 87 cm. Weight: 495 g.

Convenient automatic quick opening function. Soft-touch round hook handle with integrated release button. Black galvanized steel rod, flexible fiberglass rails and high-quality windproof system for maximum frame flexibility.

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Umbrella /ʌmˈbrɛlə/
A protecting force or influence.
A device used as protection against rain.

Originally scheduled for fall as the second part of the successful DAS GEWITTER collaboration,we have now decided to open our transparent umbrella as financial protection for the victims of the devastating flood disaster in western parts of Germany.

The drop will only be limited in time. All profits will be donated to the German Red Cross (Hochwasser). We will publish a transparent overview of the income and the amount of donations after the end of the drop.

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100% polyethylene


87cm (closed)



Care Instructions

Avoid trees during thunderstorms


Steel cane with soft touch plastic handle

This product has been conceptualized in 2021 by bubbleplastic™.

It has been executed in collaboration with Kleiner Donner [Hamburg] and Das Wetter [Berlin].

Photo & Videographer @tim_erdmann_
Models: @lillixoldag & @titheyschulz
Hair & Makeup: Marisa Leberfinger

This edition is a one time exclusive, available for a limited time only in order to generate donations for the victims of the disastrous floods.

Stay safe.