Colombia Supremo
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The perfect harmony of sweetness, acidity and a rich body – the Colombia Supremo Finca La Mejorana is defined by its subtle fruit notes and chocolaty undertones.

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Colombia Supremo is back!

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A family legacy

Hidden in the mountain ranges of the Andes, at an altitude of about 1.450 m above sea level, lies the Finca La Mejorana. The family-run coffee farm is led by Don Carlos, grandson of its founder Don Antonio. Dedication, experience and the secrets of high-quality coffee farming and harvesting have been passed on for four generations in the López family.

Tropical climate,
polyculture farming & rich soil

Surrounded by a biodiverse ecosystem of banana plants, ground cover, fruit and coffee nut trees grow the highland coffee beans of this Arabica. The polyculture offers protection from strong sun, thus providing the plantation with just the right amount of light while helping to preserve the volcanic soil from erosion.

Tropical climate, sufficient sunshine and volcanic soil rich in minerals are the ingredients for the aromatic flavor of our specialty coffee.

high-quality coffee

The Supremo is picked by hand. This is the finest method of harvesting coffee, where only ripe coffee cherries (in our case with a raw bean size of over 6,75 mm) are selected and carefully picked from the coffee plants. This ensures the highest quality and protects the shrub of the coffee plant from mechanical damage.

The ripe cherries are then fermented for about 15 hours, thoroughly washed and cleaned in special water tanks and, finally, spread out on a large concrete surface to be dried in the sun for 36 - 72 hours depending on the weather.

Slow-roast for gentle flavor

The final step of becoming the high-quality specialty coffee Colombia Supremo by bubbleplastic™, is a slow and gentle roast. Temperatures of approx. 180° C and a roasting time of about 20 minutes ensure that the roast does not burn and the coffee doesn’t develop any unwanted bitter substances. Instead, the coffee loses stomach-aggressive acids and develops its signatures taste.

Cultivation height

1.450 m

Cultivation Type



Quindío, Colombia

Roasting Date (Current Batch)

Shortly before shipping

Brew Method

Filter Coffee

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Colombia Supremo

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